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Mary & Harvey Carter

Rehab Loan Fund Participants

It was just such a good experience! The contractors, especially our general contractor, were very efficient and respectful, and did excellent work. Some final bills even came in below their estimates."

Sarah Robinson


Our house is now our home – and as the weather has gotten colder, we've loved having our woodstove burning!" added Sarah. "We just hosted Thanksgiving with our family, and sitting around the table with our family and friends made us reflect on how truly grateful we are to own our own home."

Shared Equity


Vermont Gas came out this week for a gas leak outside and they fixed it and checked inside too. They said there is no charge to come because they want people to call for leaks! They were super nice and showed me an alert signal code on my heater and explained how I could monitor the problem to determine the type of error my heater is having. Then I was told about a service I can pay that covers repairs for labor and many parts, as well as an annual inspection during off season months for $140 annually. I signed up for it.

Winnie Looby

Co-op Housing Member

It’s really important to us that our kids can experience art as part of daily life,” Winnie notes, “and the ethnic and economic mix in the Old North End makes them feel more at home than they might in other towns.”