Cooperative Housing

House of Hildegard Co-op

House of Hildegard Co-op

    Owership Co-op

    14 Decatur Street
    Burlington, VT 05401

    Bedrooms: 2
    3 Apartments
    Vacancies filled from waitlist

    3 Apartments:

    • 3 two-bedrooms

    Rent includes:

    • Shared laundry
    • Limited storage
    • Off-street parking

    Members are responsible for all utilities.


    Located in Burlington’s Old North End, this small, three-unit co-op offers a unique and special living experience for its co-op members. As an ownership co-op, the members enjoy the benefits and responsibilities of independence. Unlike other co-ops, House of Hildegard does not hire a management agent, so the members gain hand-on experience with accounting, taxes, insurance and maintenance. Members enjoy spacious apartments in a beautiful multi-family Victorian house on a very neighborly small street. Shared laundry, limited storage and free off-street parking are a few of the amenities.

    Apply For Co-op Housing

    1. Submit a CHT rental application and a co-op addendum. This allows us to add you to the waiting lists of your choice. We do not process the application until there is a vacancy that you might qualify for.

    CHT Rental Application CHT Rental Application (760 KB)

    Co-op Housing Addendum Co-op Housing Addendum (386 KB)

    2. CHT notifies you of a vacancy. If you’re still interested in applying, we’ll have you double-check your application to make sure the data is current.

    3. CHT processes your application and schedules a co-op orientation. We then forward the relevant results to the co-op’s interview team, which decides whether or not to invite you in for an interview.

    For questions, email Ieshia or call (802) 861-7355