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Conflict of Interest Statement

Champlain Housing Trust (CHT) is a non-profit housing organization subject to the laws of the State of Vermont. CHT values the trust of its customers and is committed to fair and professional relationship. This notice describes the HomeOwnership Center’s policy to avoid conflicts of interest.

CHT has clear protocols and policies in order to avoid conflicts of interest which include a limit on gifts that can be received by staff, a requirement to not engage in any activity that would result in personal gain to an employee and his/her relative, and a prohibition against preferential treatment of organizations or individuals. Where applicable, CHT’s standard is to offer at least three options of lenders, Realtors®, inspectors, attorneys and contractors when providing resources to our customers and clients.

CHT’s personnel policy for Conflict of Interest reads:

All employees must avoid engaging in any activity that could create a conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest. A potential or actual conflict of interest occurs whenever an employee is in a position to influence a decision that may result in personal gain for the employee or an immediate family member as a result of CHT’s business dealings. A conflict may also arise if an employee engages in activity that has an adverse impact on the ability of CHT to carry out its mission in an efficient, effective manner. It is impossible to relate all of the situations that may cause or give the appearance of a conflict for CHT, but the following are examples of types of prohibited conduct that may create an actual or potential conflict:

  • Acceptance of gifts, money, discounts, or gratuities of a value greater than $25 from any person or entity doing business or seeking to do business with CHT, particularly if the item is not offered to the general public;

Additionally, the HomeOwnership Center has added specific language pertaining to customers’ rights to pursue resources, which reads:

Champlain Housing Trust’s HomeOwnership Center provides home education and counseling (including financial literacy, rental, pre-purchase, delinquency & foreclosure mitigation and post-purchase), Shared Equity grants and assistance as well as home repair loans. HomeOwnership staff may discuss resources outside of CHT to address your situation; these may include housing agencies or programs, lenders, Realtors®, home inspectors, attorneys, contractors and other specific resources as appropriate. A customer is under no obligation to engage these other resources nor is a customer restricted to only these resources. It is important to note that Champlain Housing Trust encourages our customers and clients to engage in your own research to evaluate and choose resources that best suit your needs. Customers/clients are responsible for choosing resources.

Further, all CHT services are provided at will and any customer has the right to refuse services provided by CHT; a customer may withdraw from CHT services at any time. If you have any questions regarding these rights please feel free to speak with the Program Manager or the Director of HomeOwnership.

We thank you for your confidence in Champlain Housing Trust and the HomeOwnership Center and for allowing us to help meet your housing needs.