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Job Description

NROC Community Builder

CHT Partner Organization - Northgate Residents Ownership Corporation (NROC)

This position cultivates and supports grassroots organizational leadership at a unique, resident-owned affordable rental community of 336 households.

Northgate Apartments is owned by the not-for-profit Northgate Residents Ownership Corporation (NROC), which is run by a board of directors. Residents of Northgate comprise a majority of the board (nine of the thirteen seats).

The core of this position’s role is to connect with residents in order to engage them with Northgate and its governance, helping them act on opportunities to strengthen the community and their own skills, and to help ensure ongoing resident control of Northgate.

Job Summary

The NROC Community Builder has up to three areas of responsibility:

  • Develop resident leadership at Northgate Apartments

  • Represent the Board and Northgate’s culture and values in person and via communications media

  • Support the governance work of the Board and its committees 

General responsibilities include: face-to-face outreach to Northgate residents; leadership development; training and assistance in organizational governance; internal and external communications, and representing Northgate Apartments and NROC’s aims in the wider community.

Resident Engagement and Communications

  1. Build personal relationships with Northgate residents and foster their participation in site activities and governance.

  2. Create engaging communications for residents via traditional and social media, with effective messaging about resident ownership of Northgate.

  3. Working with property management, orient new residents to Northgate’s history, the role of resident leadership, and the opportunities for participation. 

  4. Working with property management, assess resident needs to inform the Board’s decisions.

  5. Seek additional funds for programs, projects and services as directed by the Board.

Governance and Leadership Development

  1. Develop leadership capacities of the Board as a team and of individual members through recruitment, ongoing training, and technical support. 

  2. Help the Board and Executive Committee develop yearly and longer-term work plans, and periodically report to the Board against plan benchmarks.

  3. Help the Board use its committee structure and other governance tools to develop a pipeline of strong resident leaders; provide resources to committees for leadership development.

  4. Help the Board plan the annual member meeting and any other governance-related events; work with property management staff to coordinate and staff all such events.

  5. Organize and staff meetings of the Board and committees; help to prepare agendas, ensure minutes, etc.

External Outreach and Relations:

  1. With the Board, develop and implement a strategy to promote Northgate and NROC’s resident ownership to the public.

  2. Actively support affordable housing locally, statewide and nationally, in particular supporting resident leadership and ownership of permanently affordable housing.

  3. Build and maintain good relationships with Northgate’s housing funders and regulators.


The Community Builder reports directly to the President of NROC; however, day-to-day supervision is shared between Champlain Housing Trust and Maloney Properties Inc.

NROC contracts with Champlain Housing Trust (CHT), a nonprofit provider of affordable housing, for technical assistance. In that capacity CHT will

  • work with the Executive Committee to draft the Community Builder’s work plan

  • monitor the Community Builder’s work performance on the board’s behalf and give the Community Builder regular feedback

  • identify training opportunities to develop relevant skills 

  • coordinate the Board’s probationary evaluation and annual performance evaluations of the position

Champlain Housing Trust staff will meet at least monthly with the Community Builder and report regularly to the NROC Executive Committee to monitor performance toward the goals in the Community Builder’s work plan.

NROC also contracts with Maloney Properties, Inc. (MPI), a property management firm that specializes in resident-owned and –controlled communities. MPI will provide payroll supervision, including attendance, punctuality, and overall compliance with personnel policies and procedures.

Evaluation Process

The position will have an initial probation period of three months. Performance will be evaluated at that point, and the reafter evaluated yearly based on the start date.

The NROC Executive Committee conducts evaluations using a modified “360-degree review” with feedback from the Board, MPI staff, and CHT staff, and a self-evaluation by the Community Builder.

To Apply

Send cover letter and resume to or:

Shellie Spaulding, President
Northgate Residents Ownership Corporation
Northgate Office, 275 Northgate Rd.
Burlington VT 05408

No phone calls, please.