Become a Monthly Sustainer — And Earn CHT an Extra $50!

The people who come through CHT’s doors have difficulty finding an affordable place to rent or buy. Monthly rent or mortgage payments often do not leave any room for life’s other expenses. We are here to help people secure an affordable home and access resources, and we are asking for your support to do so.

For those who are financially secure with their housing, we are asking you to make a modest monthly gift to CHT to help those who aren’t. Think of this recurring monthly gift as a little extra rent or mortgage payment so that CHT can help those who struggle to meet their monthly bills. We’re asking people who care about a diverse, inclusive, and accessible community to support us, and we hope that describes you.

As inspiration — or motivation — our friends at NorthCountry Federal Credit Union will make a $50 gift to CHT for anyone who signs up as a monthly donor. It’s simple: choose any monthly amount you want to give and NorthCountry FCU will give $50.

Thanks for your support! CHT and monthly donors, together with NorthCountry FCU, are giving a helping hand to neighbors who need it.