Homes, Health & Equity Campaign

HELP US REACH OUR GOAL >>> $5,000,000

We are asking for your support now — please give as generously as you can to fund critical programs and services.


The story of Champlain Housing Trust can be told through data we collect and report to the community, as well as the opportunities we offer individuals and neighborhoods with our programs and community development. We approach our work with the attitude that no endeavor is too big or small — whether it is the redevelopment of an entire downtown block to breathe life into a community or making sure a single parent escaping an abusive relationship has a safe place for her and her child to be. These – and everything in between – are the building blocks at the heart of healthy communities.

Champlain Housing Trust’s Homes, Health, & Equity campaign lays out a blueprint for preserving and expanding the stock of permanently affordable homes to ensure that our region will be diverse and inclusive, with safe and decent housing for all people, supported by critical services and programs that enhance health and offer opportunities to thrive.

Right now, with your help, we can get the Homes, Health, & Equity campaign over the finish line and accomplish the three components described below. These initiatives will enable CHT to continue to provide and build on life-altering programs and services in collaboration with community partners. The bottom line is that reaching our campaign goal of $5 million in the midst of an ongoing economic and social crisis will allow CHT to expand access to housing, a basic and critical human need.

Ending Homelessness & Strengthening Resident Services

Homelessness has been an issue for decades, and right now more Vermonters are experiencing hardship. Champlain Housing Trust will add social workers to help more of our neighbors secure housing, leading to success and greater independence.

CHT will help to improve residents’ quality of life by increasing access to educational, health, and employment resources, and by offering activities for youth and families to address basic needs like food security and child development. We will also strengthen support for immigrants and refugees through translation and interpretation services. Download pdf here.

Expanding Homeownership

Champlain Housing Trust will develop homeownership opportunities in communities with large populations of historically disadvantaged populations, including Black, Indigenous, and people of color. This campaign will support the purchase and building of 100 affordable condominiums in downtown areas near essential services to increase social equity. We will continue to work with community leaders who are Black, Indigenous, and people of color to plan and market these homes, and use philanthropic giving to secure additional capital to make these newly built homes deeply and permanently affordable. Download pdf here.

Improving Financial Literacy

Our financial literacy programs are critical to helping Vermonters succeed. The economic recovery from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic will take longer and be harder for low-wage workers. Every dollar matters. With additional financial education and counseling staff, Champlain Housing Trust will be able to reach more people, especially those with the greatest needs. Download pdf here.

HELP US REACH OUR GOAL >>> $5,000,000

We are asking for your support now — please give as generously as you can to fund critical programs and services.


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