On Track

On Track is a program offered at Champlain Housing Trust (CHT) to assist CHT tenants who are behind on rent.  On Track provides access to financial coaching with the desired outcome to help the tenant to address their arrears and become a tenant in good standing.  On Track is an invitation-only program; however, a CHT tenant may also ask their property manager for a referral to On Track if behind in rent.

The following is a brief description of what the On Track program at CHT can and cannot do.

On Track can:

  • Help CHT tenants who fall behind on rent.
  • Provide a brief pause in the eviction process giving the tenants a chance to problem solve.  This pause has a 3 month maximum and is conditional upon the tenant not getting further behind.
  • Offer financial coaching to help tenants discover the cause of the financial hardship and assist tenants in figuring out how they might address it.
  • Assist a household to create and review a budget to find out how much (if any) discretionary income is available to repay back rent.
  • Provide information about services and resources available in the community (Food shelf, fuel assistance, etc.) that might help people get through lean times and/or balance their budgets
  • When applicable, the Counselor may refer tenants to Housing Retention

On Track cannot:

  • Pause the eviction process for more than three months, or if the tenant is not compliant with the On Track Agreement.
  • Waive or dissolve past due rent.
  • Provide assistance in the form of money or material goods.
  • Provide case management, mental health counseling, or therapy.
  • Provide long-term, ongoing financial support and assistance to pay monthly bills.
  • Allow tenants to occupy an apartment without payment.

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