Survey Says!

One of the differences of living in a Champlain Housing Trust (CHT) apartment is the relationship we have with our residents.  CHT conducts an annual survey to understand how we’re doing from our residents’ perspectives, identify ways in which we can better engage with people living in our housing, and what we can do to build community.

This year more than 700 CHT residents responded to the annual survey – a 40% jump from 2019. Feedback from this survey is shared with our Board of Directors and staff to inform the work supporting residents.

In January, we formed a Renter Feedback Committee comprised of eight residents representing communities across CHT’s portfolio to look into these results, provide additional advice, and deepen our understanding of what residents want or need.

Please reach out to your property manager, or our Resident Engagement Specialist Meghan Tedder, to keep us informed on how to support you.