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HopeBuilders Breakfast

Attend one of our informational HopeBuilders breakfasts to learn more about the Champlain Housing Trust and the affordable housing work we do in northwestern Vermont.

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Maintenance Tips


Test Detectors

Test all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Replace batteries if necessary


Check for Air Leaks

Repair and replace caulk, weather-stripping, glazing, and window and door seals as needed to reduce air flow


Inspect Roof

Check your roof for wear and tear. Replace shingles that are cracked, buckled, loose or missing


Examine Chimney

Check exterior chimney for signs of damage and have the flue cleaned and inspected by a certified chimney sweep (if applicable)


Service the Furnace

Have your heating system inspected. Replace air filters regularly


Touch Up Paint

Lower humidity and cooler temperatures (not cold) make it a good time to touch up peeling or damaged paint on the exterior of your home


Clean Gutters and Downspouts

Make sure all drainage areas are unblocked by leaves and debris


Check Foundation

Look for signs of cracks or water damage. Trim bushes and keep vegetation three feet from home


Prepare Outdoor Faucets

Turn off valves to the exterior hose bibs. Empty hose and store inside


Clear Outdoor Vents

Make sure vents are clear of any vegetation or other debris

Shared Equity


Vermont Gas came out this week for a gas leak outside and they fixed it and checked inside too. They said there is no charge to come because they want people to call for leaks! They were super nice and showed me an alert signal code on my heater and explained how I could monitor the problem to determine the type of error my heater is having. Then I was told about a service I can pay that covers repairs for labor and many parts, as well as an annual inspection during off season months for $140 annually. I signed up for it.