Ready, Set, Rent!

Ready, Set, Rent (RSR) is a program of the Champlain Housing Trust (CHT) and is an invitation-only program.  The Ready, Set, Rent! (RSR) program helps people who want to rent from CHT or join a CHT co-ops, but have poor credit.

RSR is a financial education program designed to help rental or co-op applicants overcome a credit barrier and become eligible to rent from CHT.  Please note the program does not guarantee a CHT apartment.  RSR is comprised of a workshop and an individual counseling appointment.

DUE TO COVID – all workshops and counseling are virtual, using Zoom. 

 Getting Invited to Ready, Set, Rent (RSR)  

  1. Apply to CHT for an apartment or co-op.
  2. You, or someone in your household, is denied because of poor credit or no credit history.
  3. You will receive an invitation to Ready, Set, Rent! if you are eligible.  The invitation will include a registration link.
  4. Complete the online registration
  5. Receive a follow up email and schedule the workshop and counseling sessions.
  6. Once you, and any other household members complete the required steps, you will receive a letter from CHT’s Property Management team letting you know that you are eligible to rent from CHT.

Contact Us for More Information:

802-861-7394 or [email protected]