What is a Champlain Housing Trust Member?

You are a CHT Member if:

• You support CHT and its purposes of fostering the availability of permanently affordable, decent, safe housing and community assets, AND

• You are 16 years of age or older and live in CHT housing (you rent from CHT, are a shared equity homeowner, or co-op member)- you are a Resident Member,

• You are 16 years of age or older and have paid annual membership dues (or have made a donation to CHT) of $1.00 or more during the year- you are a General Member.

What does it mean to be a CHT Member?

1. Members have the ability to participate in CHT’s governance in a variety of ways, primarily:

  • Electing the Board of Directors
    – Only Resident Members can vote to elect the five Resident Board Members
    – All members (General and Resident) can vote to elect the five Public Board Members and the five General Board Members
  • Approving any change to the bylaws, limited appreciation formula, or sale of land.

2. All Members are eligible to serve on the Board or committees.

3. All Members are invited to CHT’s Annual Meeting each year are eligible to vote on business and receive reports on the organization’s activity.

4. Note that Members who live outside of CHT’s three-county service area are non-voting Members.

Want to know more about CHT’s governance? Our complete bylaws are available here.

Want to become a member? Make a donation today to become a member for the year!

Want to learn more about being a CHT Member? Contact Membership Specialist Jack Commo at [email protected] or 802-861-7399.