Shared Equity HOMEOWNERs

Shared Equity Homeowner Reminders:

  • – Your Shared Equity home must be your primary residence
  • – You must notify CHT if there are any legal changes to your home
  • – When you go to sell, you will share your appreciation with the program to keep your home affordable for all future buyers

homeowner information:

See below for topics we frequently get asked for more information about:

Selling Your CHT Home
Selling your Shared Equity home is a little different then selling a traditional home. CHT staff will help you every step of the way, click here to learn more.
Refinancing your CHT Home
Most homeowners can refinance their CHT home to take advantage of lower interest rates, but there are a few things you should know,  click here to learn more.
Ground Lease and Membership Fees
CHT offers online invoices and payments for monthly fees, click click here to learn more.
Capital Improvements
Thinking about doing some renovations? Check in with us to see if it might qualify for a Capital Improvement Credit when you sell, click here to learn more.
Maintenance Tips
There are certain things that you should do regularly to maintain your home, learn more here.
The end of the summer is a great time to prepare your home for the coming winter. Click here to learn  about some local organizations that offer weatherization services to save you energy and keep your home warm and cozy!
Selecting a Contractor
Working with contractors can be overwhelming for some homeowners, click here for more tips .
Tax Information
Each year homeowners need to fill out certain forms with the State of Vermont to get discounts on their property taxes. Learn more Learn more here.


Lease and membership fees* allow CHT to be able to provide a wide variety of services to our shared equity homeowners including post-purchase counseling (budgeting, refinancing, delinquency intervention and more), post-purchase education workshops, homeowner advocacy, advertising and support during the sale of your home, tax assistance, special events and stewardship.

*Please note some condominium HOA’s dues include the membership fee or a portion of the fee (South Meadow, Coolidge, City’s Edge and Westwood).

Yes, we are able to send you your bill via email. You can sign up for emailed invoices by clicking here. Sign Up for Emailed Invoices

Shared equity homeowners can contact Tone Cantrell for assistance with their bill or related issues. Tone can be reached via email or at 802-861-7342 .  

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to maintain your home, use your home as your primary residence, and pay all the required costs of owning the home (mortgage, taxes, insurance, homeowners association fees, etc).   You must also follow the requirements listed in your legal documents.  If you have any questions on these responsibilities please reach out to to us.

Shared Equity Program   
Office Line: 802-861-7373 
Capital Improvements are work done to the home that increase the market value and are above and beyond normal replacement of items.
At the resale of a Shared Equity Home with Champlain Housing Trust, the homeowner retains 100% of any market value that is added by capital improvements and 25% of any additional appreciation.
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At CHT once you are a customer you are always a customer. If you ever need some advice or assistance with anything regarding your home or finances, please call and set up a counseling appointment with our HomeOwner Support Specialist 

Shared Equity Program   
Office Line: 802-861-7373