Vermont Farmworker Housing Repair Loan Program

Champlain Housing Trust is accepting applications for the Vermont Farmworker Housing Repair Loan Program (FWH) and Farmworker Replacement Housing Loan Program (FWHR). The goal of this program is to preserve this important affordable housing resource and to help improve the health and welfare of the farm workforce.

REPAIR Program Overview:

  • FWH will offer forgivable loans of up to $30,000 to make necessary improvements to farmworker housing. The loans will be 0% interest, and forgiven over 10 years, as long as the improved housing continues to be maintained and used for farmworker housing.
  • Eligible units will include manufactured homes, stick-built houses, and apartments in barns or other outbuildings. CHT will not consider fifth wheel trailers or other motor vehicles.
  • Typical health and safety related repairs/improvements can include, but are not limited to: wastewater systems, air sealing and insulation, noise mitigation measures, overcrowding relief, food prep and storage improvements, mold remediation, electrical and plumbing upgrades, and roof replacements.
  • Support will be provided for farmers and farmworkers through UVM Extension.

Apply online: Neighborly Software Application Portal

Download a PDF Application

REPLACEMENT Program Overview:

  • FWHR consists of a loan of up to $120,000 to the cost of building new housing for farmworkers in circumstances warranting replacement of existing farmworker housing. The FWHR loan is interest and payment free until sale or transfer of the property, with the first $30,000 of the loan forgiving at the rate of $3000/year over ten-years provided that the housing remain in use as farmworker housing. See loan product description for additional details.
  • Prior to completing an application for a FWHR loan, please complete the Farmworker Housing Replacement Interest Form.

Download Farmworker Housing Replacement Interest Form

Download Farmworker Replacement Housing Loan Product Description




Contact Us:

If you have questions please email Charlie Glassberg or call (802) 810-8217.

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