Vision & Values



The communities of northwest Vermont will have a stock of permanently affordable homes to assure that the region will be diverse and inclusive, with safe and decent housing for all people, supported by services and programs that enhance health and opportunity.


The Champlain Housing Trust is a community land trust that supports the people of northwest Vermont and strengthens their communities through the development and stewardship of permanently affordable homes and related community assets.

Racial Justice and Equity

The Champlain Housing Trust affirms and reaffirms its commitment to fight racism and to the principle that Black lives matter in its policies, programs, and employment in all aspects of its work.   Learn more. 


The following core values define our affordable housing work:

  • Permanent Affordability and Community Control. CHT is a community land trust with a membership drawn from our region that elects a Board of Directors comprising equal representation of local governments, residents of CHT homes, and the wider community. Through this open and democratic structure, we steward a variety of permanently affordable housing options and related community assets for low- and moderate-income persons, with a priority for our most underserved populations and neighborhoods.
  • Housing Security and Mobility. CHT is committed to providing the widest range of options to serve people at various income levels, with any kind of special need, at different points in their life, and in different housing markets within the service area. We do this through our partnerships with social service agencies and by developing and stewarding a variety of housing types and tenures. Most importantly, we provide wraparound programs, services, and membership benefits that allow people to enjoy security, affordability, and mobility within our portfolio of homes to meet changing needs.

The following values guide all we do to implement our mission:

  • Diversity and Equity. CHT is deeply committed to achieving racial equity, diversity, and the highest level of inclusion and cultural sensitivity in all our programs and services, in our governance, and in the workplace.
  • Collaboration. CHT values strong partnerships and mutual self-help among our peers as the best way for CHT to add value and to amplify our collective impact.
  • Energy Conservation and Smart Growth. CHT is committed to promoting affordability and protecting the environment by reducing energy costs and consumption. CHT supports long-term regional sustainability through development strategies that use the land wisely and that foster pedestrian and transit-oriented communities.
  • Courageous Governance. CHT will balance social responsibility with reasonable risk-taking so that we can meet our commitments in a changing world and adapt services, production, and financing models to respond to market changes, customer needs, and new opportunities.
  • Employer of Choice. CHT is committed to employing the best workforce possible by providing competitive compensation and benefits, including a livable wage, as well as a safe, welcoming, and joyful workplace for all employees.
  • Transparency and Accountability. CHT conducts its business, programs, and activities with honesty, integrity, and transparency and is accountable to the people we serve and our members through our membership and elected Board of Directors.
  • Leadership. CHT is recognized at local, regional, state, national, and international levels as being a leader in affordable housing and in particular for our success in creating and preserving permanently affordable homes through the community land trust model. We embrace our obligation to lead and to advocate for policies and programs that will support this sustainable and community-based approach to housing affordability.
  • Excellence. CHT is committed to excellence and quality in all of our programs and services.