Are You Ready for Winter? Tips for Renters

Button Up Your Home!

Fall is a great time to prepare your home for cold weather. Here are some tips to make your home more enjoyable, help save you money, remove potential hazards, and prevent costly repairs.


Remove Air Conditioners

Remove all window air conditioners before the weather turns cold, and no later than the October 31 deadline for all residents. When A/C units are not removed, cold temperatures can cause pipes to freeze and cause costly property damage (residents are responsible for repairs). We encourage you to remove air conditioners now.


Check Windows for Air Leaks & Lock Up

Window and door seals keep the weather outside where it belongs. When it is cool outside, be sure to close and LOCK windows. Locking windows keeps them from opening unexpectedly and letting in cold air which can cause pipes to freeze and damage property. Check windows and doors for drafts and signs of moisture. If window or door seals are no longer functioning, submit a work order through the online portal, or call 802-861-3076 .

Broken windows or entry door locks should be fixed right away. Submit an emergency work order through the online portal, or call 802-861-3076 .

Curtains and fabric wall covers can trap moisture and create the perfect environment for mold to grow. Prevent this by checking windows to be sure the glass and windowsills are dry.


Check Heat Vents & Thermostats

Keep curtains, beds, couches, and other furniture, at least 2-3″ away from heat vents and baseboard heaters. Vents and baseboard heaters need air circulation to work properly.

Check digital thermostats to see if the low battery warning light is on. If it’s on, submit a work order through the online portal, or call 802-861-3076 .

CHT is responsible for clearing outdoor vents. We appreciate your letting us know if you notice any outdoor vents blocked with snow, vegetation, or other debris. Contact your property manager.


Check Detectors

If smoke detectors are sounding or not functioning, submit an emergency work order through the online portal, or call 802-861-3076.


High Efficiency Heaters

High efficiency heaters are used in most CHT residential buildings. These systems are designed to save money and energy. As outside temperatures cool and heat is turned on, air from high efficiency heat units may not feel very warm. Why is that? High efficiency systems adjust to outside temperatures, so as outdoor air temperatures get colder, the hot water temperatures inside the heating system go up and create warmer air. When outside temperatures are not very cold, the air you feel in your home will not feel very warm. The system is working and is designed this way – saving energy and money because it does not keep the water heated to high temperatures all the time. As outside temperatures get colder, the water temperature in the heating system rises and the air in your home is warmer.



Maintenance: 802-861-3076

Main Office at 88 King Street, Burlington and 24 emergency: 802-862-6244

Work Orders/Emergency
If you have a non-emergency work order, please place a request on the online portal, or call our office at 802-861-3076 for scheduling.

Emergency work orders consist of, but are not limited to, broken entry door or lock, smoke detectors sounding, a leak that cannot be contained by a bucket until the next business day, no heat, or no hot water, a broken window, a clogged toilet that can’t be plunged.

Online Portal
To set-up an account please email portal [at] getahome [dot] org or call 802-862-6244.
You can place work orders, receive updates about upcoming inspections or events, and access info about utility providers.