Tenant Portal

Things to know about our online portal:

  • The email address you use to sign up will be the address connected to the portal unless you include a different one in the sign-up email.
  • To pay rent on the portal, you must have a bank account.
  • Only one email can be connected to the portal per household.
  • After submitting your information you will receive your login in 1-2 business days.
  • If you forget your login information or need assistance, please email [email protected] or call 802-862-6244.

Our online portal allows you to:

  • Pay rent online
  • Check your current balance
  • Place a work order
  • Be notified of upcoming events
  • Receive updates about property maintenance and inspections
  • Access information about utility providers

Signing up for the portal is easy!

    LOGIN to the Portal

    (Scroll down and click on your property name)

    Alburg Family Housing

    Allen Canal Apartments

    Allen House

    Anderson Parkway Allocated

    Anderson Parkway Bond

    Avenue Apartments

    Beacon Apartments

    Bel Aire Apartments

    Blake Commons

    BRHIP Housing

    Bright Street Housing Co-op

    Brookside Village

    Bus Barns Allocated Housing

    Bus Barns Bond Housing

    Butler House Housing

    Callahan Housing

    Cares / 600 Dalton Drive

    Cedars Edge Housing

    Chicken Bone HLP

    City Neighborhood Housing

    Congress Street

    Dorset Commons

    Echo Housing

    Ethan Allen Apartments

    Fairfield School Apartments

    Falls Housing

    Flynn Avenue Co-op

    Fort Apartments LP

    French Hill Manor MHP

    Garden Street Housing LP

    Grand Isle Housing

    Green Street Housing LP

    Harrington Village HLP

    Hidden Pines

    Housing for Homeless

    King Street Housing

    Lake Street Housing Corp.

    Laurentide Apartments

    Lime Kiln Allocated Housing

    Lime Kiln Bond Housing

    Maple Tree Place Housing

    O’Dell Allocated Housing

    O’Dell Bond Housing

    Park Place Housing

    Pearl Street MHP

    Pearl Union SRO Housing

    Pine Manor Housing

    Pinecrest Apartments

    Pleasant Street Housing

    Point School Apartments

    Queensbury Co-op

    Rail City Housing, LP

    Richmond Village

    Rose Street Artists Co-op

    Rose Street Basement

    Round Barn Housing

    Salmon Run Housing

    Shelburne Housing

    South End Community Housing Corp.

    South Meadow

    South Meadow Apartments LP

    Sunset Terrace

    Susans Place

    Swanton School Housing

    Thelma Maple Housing Co-op

    Vista Apartments

    Waterfront Housing

    Waugh Opera Housing

    Willard Mill Housing

    Winchester Place

    Zephyr Place