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HopeBuilders Breakfast

Attend one of our informational HopeBuilders breakfasts to learn more about the Champlain Housing Trust and the affordable housing work we do in northwestern Vermont.

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Help build your new home

With Habitat for Humanity

Attend the informational meeting about the two properties in Milton on April 8th!
Click here for more details about the meeting.

1. Are you in need of better housing?

Maybe you are living in poorly built, unhealthy, damaged or inadequate housing. Or maybe, you have a rent or mortgage that you cannot afford, or may be living in a home that is inaccessible for your disabilities.

2. Are you Willing to partner with CHT & Habitat?

Must be willing to put in at least 200 hours of "sweat equity" volunteer hours with Habitat for Humanity.

Must attend a Champlain Housing Trust Shared Equity Informational Meeting and Homebuyer Education.

3. Are you able to pay an affordable mortgage?

Must qualify for a conventional mortgage with a local lender.

Must have $3,000 in personal savings.

Must meet income limits to purchase these homes. 

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