Celebrate National Co-op Month

Champlain Housing Trust Artist Cooperative Housing

Rose Street Artist Cooperative

October is National Co-op Month – the perfect time to highlight and celebrate CHT’s cooperative housing! Most of us understand what renting or owning a home means; cooperative housing is a third housing option. Co-op members are both residents and shareholders of their property. They work together to keep their property and community running well, sharing the responsibilities that a homeowner or landlord typically handles.

Champlain Housing Trust has six co-ops in the Burlington area with a total of 121 apartments. The co-ops range in size: the smallest, House of Hildegard, has just three apartments, while Bright Street Co-op has 40. Each co-op has its own character.

Here is what a few co-op members had to say about this housing model:

“It gives us a chance to get to know our neighbor a bit better.”
-Drew Brooks, member of the Queensbury Co-op

“I love being here.”
-Jodi Cota, member of the Rose Street Artists’ Co-op

You can hear more from co-op members in our co-opumentary, “Homes with a Heart.” It’s a 20-minute compilation of testimonials from 21 member households of CHT’s six co-ops. If you aren’t already familiar with our co-ops, it’s a brief look into some of the lives among those 121 households.