How to Refinance

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Shared Equity homeowners have a couple of extra considerations when deciding whether or not to refinance their first mortgage. To clarify the process and to make sure that homeowners don’t end up “under water”, refinance counseling is required by CHT prior to meeting with a lender. Below are the steps involved in the refinance of a SEP home:

  • Attend refinance counseling with our HomeOwner Support Specialist. Contact [email protected] or 802-861-7373 to set-up an appointment.  They will run numbers with you to make sure you have the equity in your property to do a refinance as well as making sure it makes financial sense.  They will also clarify what fees are involved and explain the process.
  • Fill out the Application to Refinance for CHT. You can download the form below.
  • Meet with a lender to complete an application. Gather all your documents first. NOTE: You must work with one of the lenders that can refinance a Shared Equity Home listed on this page: Shared Equity Program Lenders
  • Pay the lender for the appraisal (if applicable).
  • Schedule the appraisal with the appraiser (if applicable).
  • Wait to hear from CHT that all the funders and CHT approvals are in.
  • Check with your lender regarding when and where the closing will be held.
  • Request any legal documents to review 24 hours prior to the closing. Review the documents so you can ask any questions at the closing.
  • Attend the closing. Be sure to bring any necessary funds (usually in the form of a bank check) as well as your identification.

Forms and Polices for Refinancing your Shared Equity Home.

Shared Equity Program Financing Policy

Refinance HomeOwner Letter

Refinance Application for CHT Homeowner

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