Renters and homeowners who have lost income due to the public health emergency caused by the coronavirus pandemic can now apply for assistance under two new programs established by the State of Vermont.

Rental Housing Stabilization ProgramAll renters who have been impacted can seek support to help pay missed rental or mobile home lot payments. Information on how to apply and the rules of the program can be found on the Vermont State Housing Authority’s website. CHT is reaching out directly with all of its own renters that we know who have missed rental payments to encourage them to apply. This is a first-come, first-serve program. Payments are made directly to landlords on behalf of rental households and come along with eviction protections. Applicants do not need to show proof of citizenship.

Mortgage Assistance ProgramHomeowners who have been impacted by the pandemic can apply for a mortgage assistance grant through the Vermont Housing Finance AgencyThis program has income eligibility guidelines and has an enrollment period between now and August 31, with grants made for as much to three months of mortgage payments as resources allow after October 2, 2020. The grant amount awarded may not be as much as the full amount owed and the borrower is still responsible for outstanding payments. CHT is also reaching out to its homeowners to let them know of this opportunity

CHT advocated for these programs and encourages all impacted financially by the public health emergency to take advantage of them to provide you some economic relief.