Sculpture Debuts at Garden Street Apartments

Garden Street Apartments

A shiny new outdoor sculpture on the brick wall near the front doors at Garden Street Apartments  now greets residents as they enter their homes. Filling out the space at nearly six feet tall and eight feet wide, “Winds of Fire” by Vermont artist Bruce Hathaway is hard to miss!

The artist said he spent about 300 hours creating the work, which was commissioned by Evernorth in partnership with Champlain Housing Trust. Bruce characterizes his work as “being organic” and is inspired by observing the natural world which his sculptures reflect and amplify.

The aluminum used for the Garden Street sculpture will stay shiny for decades. Bruce said one step in creating the sculpture includes using conditioning pads to rough up and polish the half-inch rods and flat discs so the metal can catch and refract light on this north-facing building.

Bruce likes the challenge of transforming ordinary spaces into something he’s been told is “kind of special.” And he likes to display his art in public where more people have the opportunity to see it.

This sculpture includes elements of wind, fire, and water.

“I avoid saying too much about what I think a particular sculpture means,” said Bruce. “I have found that what a person gets out of a work and what they see in it, often as not, is far more interesting and creative than anything I may say about it.”

What do you see when you look at “Winds of Fire”? The next time you are near Garden Street Apartments in South Burlington’s new City Center, we hope you’ll check it out!