Email your senator today!

Please reach out to your State Senators and let them know that you support long-term solutions to Vermont’s housing and homelessness crisis! A bill is currently being debated in the Vermont Legislature that would create a 10-year roadmap to create more affordable apartments, build more affordable homes for sale, invest in the services and support that people need, and help move people out of homelessness.

The Vermont House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed this bill and State Senators need to hear from Vermonters that you believe we need more affordable housing! On this page, you can find your State Senator(s) and their email address(es) and a one-click option to send them an email. You can also send them your own, custom email message if you would like.

PLEASE DO THIS TODAY as it’s critically important that they know community members support affordable housing!

More information about the bill can be found on the Housing & Homelessness Alliance of Vermont’s website.


Find your county and/or district below and click on the link to initiate an email to your Senators. Sample text will be included in your email that you can then modify. Some thoughts to include are:

— do you already live in affordable housing but want others to have this opportunity? 
— are you looking for affordable housing or want to get a chance to buy your own home? 
— or maybe you are just a strong supporter of affordable housing?

The more customized you make it your note, the better.

Addison: Senators Christopher Bray and Ruth Hardy

Bennington: Senators Brian Campion and Dick Sears Jr.

Caledonia: Senator Jane Kitchel

Chittenden-Central (Burlington downtown and north end, Winooski, Colchester’s Fort Ethan Allen, Essex Junction, southern Essex Town): Senators Philip Baruth, Martine Larocque Gulick and Tanya Vyhovsky

Chittenden-North (Milton, Fairfax, Westford, northern Essex Town): Senator Irene Wrenner

Chittenden-Southeast (Burlington’s south end, South Burlington, Shelburne, Charlotte, Hinesburg, St. George, Williston, Richmond, Bolton, Jericho, Underhill): Senators Thomas Chittenden, Virginia “Ginny” Lyons and Kesha Ram Hinsdale

Essex: Senator Russ Ingalls

Franklin: Senators Randy Brock and Robert Norris

Lamoille: Senator Richard Westman

Orange: Senator Mark A. MacDonald

Orleans: Senator Robert Starr

Rutland: Senators Brian Collamore, David Weeks and Terry Williams

Washington: Senators Ann Cummings, Andrew Perchlik and Anne Watson

Windham: Wendy Harrison and Nader Hashim

Windsor: Senators Alison Clarkson, Dick McCormack and Becca White

For more information about H.829, please contact Chris Donnelly. The full bill can be found on the Legislature’s website.