How You Can Get Involved This Summer

Champlain Housing Trust Resident Engagment

Kristen Ciambella

Now that spring is here and it’s getting warmer out, we want to highlight a few opportunities that are available to Champlain Housing Trust residents this summer. First, in March we welcomed Kristen Ciambella as our new Resident Engagement Manager. She will be coordinating the programs highlighted below, so if you have questions about what’s available where you live,  please email Kristen or call her at 802-861-7322.

Community Gardens

It’s time to get into the garden! We’ve heard from so many residents over the last few years about how community gardens offer a gathering place to meet and connect with other residents. Champlain Housing Trust supports community gardens at 15 CHT properties. These gardens support a stronger sense of community and serve as a fantastic educational opportunity.

The DREAM Program

The DREAM Program is a locally based nonprofit which supports kids from low income housing communities with free programming. This includes after school programs, overnight camps, mentoring, and college prep support. CHT has made DREAM programming available to residents at Salmon Run, South Meadow, and Winchester Place, and hopes to expand the program to other sites later this year. We encourage residents of Salmon Run, South Meadow, and Winchester Place to look out for details coming out later this spring. For more information visit


Your food scraps can always be composted. Using a compost collection container is the easiest way to collect your food scraps and allow you to compost as you prep, cook, and cleanup. Place your container wherever it’s most convenient in your home. Your compost bucket lid will contain odors and keep pests away. Don’t forget that containers are not allowed in common areas. If you need a composting bucket for your home, contact our maintenance team by phone at 802-861-3076 and leave a message with your address.  If you ever have a question about what can or can’t be composted, visit the Chittenden Solid Waste District’s website at