Eligibility for Shared Equity Program

Buyers Must Meet All Requirements to be Eligible to Purchase

  • Be income-eligible (using HUD Area Median Income Guidelines). These guidelines are based on current gross household income. Income guidelines are subject to change.
Household Size
(number of persons living in the home)
Maximum Income
1 person$99,960
2 persons$114,240
3 persons$128,520
4 persons$142,680
5 persons$154,200
6 persons$165,600
7 persons$177,000
8 persons$188,400
  • Be Asset Eligible. You must have less than $60,000 in liquid assets (not including retirement accounts). Exceptions to the limit may be requested, but are not guaranteed.
  • Be able to obtain a mortgage from a local lender. Your credit report must reflect the fact that you will likely be eligible for a mortgage. Review the list of lenders here.
  • You must have at least $3,000 in personal savings and a plan to pay for closing costs, which can be up to $12,000. This plan can include money from financial gifts, loans, or other sources.
  • You must not have an ownership interest in another primary residence on the date that you purchase a CHT home
  • Complete Homebuyer Education and counseling Find a HomeBuyer Education Workshop
  • Attend the Shared Equity Program Informational meeting (dates listed below)

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Learn More about How to Apply for the Shared Equity Program

How to Apply

Download the pdf application here: Shared Equity Program Application